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China Windpower Group Limited

China Windpower Group Limited is the only public wind power generation company, which has the vertical integration business development mode, in HK securities market. It focuses in infrastructure constructions for Chinese wind power generation branch. It positively builds wind power plant, provides reliable method of renewable resources transformation and professional devices, technical support and service, to offer complete system solutions of Chinese wind power generation branch.

In Delingha of Qinghai province, a set of SVG static var generator compensation device, which is independently developed and manufactured by Big Power with compensation capacity ±10.5Mvar, is installed in the 20Mw solar power generation project of China Windpower group limited. According to the site test, the power quality of SVG is THD< 3%; dynamic compensation response time< 5ms. It shows that that the SVG of Big Pawer can response the fluctuation of power grid quickly. By dynamic reactive output to stabilize the grid voltage of 110Kv side and to ensure the steady operation of power grid. It is praised by the users.

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