Service Concept

In order to creating a compelling user experience, each product from “Big pawer” company has been passed to a rigid inspection before shipping to our customers. We promise to provide debugging and repairing on all our products during the installation and operation together with the life-long maintenance. In addition, all our products have one-year warranty. Once we have a contract with our customers, we will strictly observe the following rules:

1. We will deal with all the on site installation and debugging once the product is arrived and will provide all the detailed technique specifications or any other necessary                 information related to the products to our customers.

2. We will have the payment (excluding the deposit) from our customer only when all the installation and debugging is finished and the product is running properly.

3. If any issue related to our products were reported, we will response to our customers within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. We will send our technicians on site to fix any problems within 48 hours if the problem can’t be fixed in 24hours (if visa application is needed, we promise to have our                 technician on site within 48 hours after they got the visa).

5. We will train our customer to use our products and will contact our customers periodically to monitor the status of the products.

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