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Dare Global (Heilongjiang) Woods Co.,Ltd

Dare Global (Heilongjiang) Woods Co.,Ltd 220,000 cubical meters per year medium(high) density fiberboard project is the 8th man-made board project of Dare woods. The project adopts worldwide top level manufacture device and continuous flat pressing technology, to produce 4-40mm various medium(high) density man-made board products. The project covers an area over 270,000 square meters and its total investment is 400,000,000 RMB.

Two 10kV high voltage incoming of this production line project adopts Big Pawer’s 23 sets KYN28 type high voltage switch cabinet for high voltage power distribution. 3 high voltage fans in hot grind main workshop are soft started with GYDQ high voltage liquid resistance soft starter of Big Pawer. 88 sets Low voltage complete set devices including low voltage parallel capacitors in other 6 low voltage power distribution rooms are also manufactured by Big Pawer. After the project is into running, power supply bureau of Mudanjiang does the acceptance inspection to all Big Pawer’s devices, the quality is praised by all users and operators.

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