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DLSVG Static Var Generator

Nowadays static var generator is an important method of reactive compensation in power grid. Its fundamental principle is to detect reactive current from power grid or compensation object and generate compensating current which is opposite to the reactive current, to eliminate the reactive current and improve power factor.


DLAPF Active power filter

APF is a kind of power electrical device. Its fundamental is to detect harmonic current from compensation object, then generate anti-harmonic compensation current, only leave the fundamental current in power system. This device is an ideal device to prevent power grid “pollution” and improve power quality and save energy.


TBB(A) series type high voltage parallel capacitor device

TBB series type high voltage parallel capacitor device has indoor cabinet type and outdoor frame type structure. With its reasonable design and layout it has good kinetic and heat stability and capacitor protection functions. Automatic switching type is available as TBBA.


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