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MPS thyristor solid soft starter

MPS1 series high voltage solid state soft start device adopts a number of high voltage and large power thyristors which are serial-parallel connected as the key switching component in high voltage circuit. It controls the motor voltage by changing the triggering angle of thyristor, so it can also meet the demands of different voltage and current during starting process.


MSS soft start module

MSS HV modularized solid soft starter which integrates thyristor components, bypass vacuum switch, trigger control system. Its working principle is to control the value of output voltage by adjusting the triggering angle of thyristor, and to meet various current and voltage requirements during motor start process.


GDS​ series low voltage soft starter

​GDS series soft starter is a new starting device which combines the electrop-​​dynamic technical,microprocessor, fuzzy control theory and data communication.


SFC synchronous frequency converting soft starting device

AC synchronous motor is widely used in large oil gas transport, marine propulsion, pumped storage, defense wind tunnel test and other industrial large power conditions. Especially in steel industry, it is widely used in large blast furnace blower, gas power generation coal gas compressor, oxygen production compressor and other main production equipment.


HTR High voltage thermal resistance soft starter

HTR Series High-Voltage thermal resistor soft starter is suitable for large-capacity high-voltage AC squirrel-cage asynchronous motors or high-voltage synchronous motors with asynchronous starting, used to reduce the starting voltage.


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